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Past and Upcoming Events

Cliterature Zine, Dangerous Flowers Event - Girls on Film, Wythe Hotel Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC, USA.



Anya Bliss was recently featured in a zine, by Girls on Film, titled Cliterature. Her print of Bronze Vulva Cast was shown on a double page spread. The zine was given to guests at the Girls on Film Dangerous Flowers Event

in New York City.

Msnwamm (A blot caused by caused), PS4 Space, AUB, Bournemouth, UK.


IMG_6658 2.jpg

Msnwamm translates to 'A blot caused by sin' and was the name given to the group exhibition in a space filled with daub (A building material mainly found in historical building). Artworks were pressed into the daub during the drying process. For more information on the significance of using daub and the exhibition itself, select the image above.

Mini Queen V, Plenty Up Top Gallery, Newcastle, UK.

(Solo Exhibition during the Nasty Women North East Residency, Praxis Gallery, Newcastle, UK.)

13/09/18 - 17/09/18

Select the image to read about the Residency and Solo Exhibition.

Nasty Women - International Art Prize, Ampersand Invensions, Newcastle, UK.



Bliss submitted and exhibited a proposal for the Nasty Women International Art Prize, which was shown on the event opening night. The judges saw potential in the proposal but instead of entering it into the prize draw, they invited Anya Bliss back for a residency.

Nasty Women Portugal Exhibition, Anjos 70, Lisbon, Portugal.

19/04/18 - 05/05/18


In 2018, Anya Bliss exhibited four separate pieces in Portugal, Lisbon. One of these pieces was sold, as well as a selection of Anya Bliss postcards, which raised money for and went to a local womens charity.

Aisthetikos, Six D.O.G.S, Athens, Greece.

20/04/18 - 21/04/18


Aisthetikos was a residency and exhibition, in Athens, showing ten Fine Art students. Anya Bliss was one of the ten students selected for this opportunity out of many applicants. The main exhibition poster (above)
features Bliss' Chewing Gum Series.

No-Pointilists, BUMF Gallery, Bournemouth, UK.

27/02/18 - 03/03/18

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 14.41.38.png

The No-Pointilists was a collaborative group featuring four art students, including Anya Bliss, studying at Arts University Bournemouth. The No-Pointilists exhibition was the groups most significant show wherein Bliss exhibited her digitally manipulated photo series FaceFuck. Select the image to read more about this photo series.

Glory Hole, North Light Studios - Studio 3, Bournemouth, UK.

22/02/18 - 05/03/18

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 13.28.43.png

The Glory Hole exhibition was a collaboration between six artists, including Anya Bliss, brought together by similarities in each artists styles and concepts. The exhibit was an intimate and empirical, experience for the viewers as they came face-to-face with a room filled with nightmarish political scenarios that left room for the viewer to connect with and get what they subconsciously wanted from the artworks.

Foundation End of Year Show, The Gallery, Bournemouth, UK.
26/05/17 - 


End of Year Show for the Art and Design Foundation Diploma course exhibiting works in a variety of mediums including, sculpture, painting, video and performance art. Bliss exhibited her sculptural-installation piece titled Queen V. Photos of this can be viewed by clicking the image above.

Poltimore Festival Exhibition, Poltimore Festival - Poltimore House, Exeter, UK.



Music, Theatre, and Art all feature together in Poltimore Festival. In 2017, to celebrate young, up-and-coming artists, the festival exhibited works by a selection of artists from Arts University Bournemouth and Exeter School of Art.
For this opportunity, Bliss submitted and exhibited a cast sculpture from her Self Portraits - Body Casts Series.

Fine Art Auction, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth, UK.


The AUB yearly Fine Art Auction is a major part in the efforts to raise money for the Graduates Degree Show.
Read More about the event by selecting the image above.

Growth, Foundation Gallery Space, AUB, Bournemouth, UK.


Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 22.18.15.png

The Growth of Nature. The Growth of Oneself. The Growth of Experiences. The Growth of a Loved One. The Growth of Civilisation, Society, Humanity... 

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