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FaceFuck, 2018

Photos by Charlie Pryor

FaceFuck (Photo Series)


Electrical Tape, Mirror, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Curtain, Images, Audio Headset. 

A2 Posters x5


‘Facefuck’ is a comedic response to the current cultural norms relating to the personas people create for their cyber lives. Internet Identity is now an important part of one's own self and individualism. However, our culture has become obsessed with virtual identity putting pressure on individuals to display their lives as perfect. People take multiple photos in order to ‘publish’ the perfect one, even though the truth of reality might be the complete opposite to perfection.

Is technology, in this way, progressive or oppressive? 


I’ve used Facebook messenger (following the conceptual theme of overuse of online websites) to draw onto images of people. I’ve sexualised the photos as a means of representing the oversexualisation on the web as well as adding a sense of the unprofessionalism of over-sharing personal information. Some faces are completely covered to represent the anonymity, fakeness, and how people can easily lie about whom they are when hidden behind a screen.

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