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Nasty Women North East Residency

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“Within the duration of the residency, I was so shocked at how professional this artist is at such a young age. To have the practical skills, professional online platform, and work that has been exhibited around the world at only 20 years of age! I wish I had the drive at that age, no doubt if Anya keeps pushing, working hard and developing her creative ideas she will be a professional working artist and I would be thrilled to work with her on a professional level in the future.”

Michaela Wetherell,

Curator and Co-founder of Nasty Women North East



"Anya Bliss is a wonderfully meticulous and dedicated young artist. Her work for the Nasty Women International Art Prize and NWNE residency was thoughtful, gently humorous and beautifully made. I look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing how her practice and career develop."


Lady Kitt,

Chair of judges panel, Nasty Women International Art Prize '18


A unique residency with NWNE co-founders Lady Kitt and Michaela Wetherell.

During the residency we worked in the PRAXIS Gallery by Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle where we focussed on producing work for the Plenty Up Top Gallery AKA Lady Kitts head! 

The images on the left shows a tiny version of my original piece, 'Queen V'.

Recreating this installation sculpture as a miniature really changed and developed the concept of the work. ‘Mini Queen V’ represents how a child is affected by sexist issues, that then lead to the problems faced in adulthood (portrayed through the original ‘Queen V’). The tiny, dolls-House size and the fun child-like nature add to the idea of how the genitalia a person is born with determines how society wants them to behave. Resting it on Lady Kitts head prevented her from moving and standing a certain way, similar to how restrictive and controlling these social boundaries are.

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