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21st March 2019

The Art of Dazzle and War, TheGallery AUB, Bournemouth, UK.

During the 18th February - 25th April 2019, Dazzle & The Art of Defence Exhibition at TheGallery AUB, Bliss performed as a member of The Noematic Collective. 'The Art of Dazzle and War' consists of two performances in response to The Dazzle & The Art of Defence Exhibition.

"In response to the exhibition, The Noematic Collective consisting of AUB Fine Art students, in collaboration with Richard Waring, BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader, will create a new and live experimental art work. Through the manipulation and disorientation of sound and vision the art work will disrupt and confuse the viewers sensory perceptions.

Taking inspiration from John Zorn’s 1988 album Cobra, The Noematic Collective meet weekly to perform sonic tests. This group has grown out of the BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at AUB. Their aim is to emphasise audible awareness of objects by trying out radical new ways of understanding daily experience." - AUB

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