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Past and Upcoming Events

Paradox Residency & Performance, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

Bliss will be attending the Biennial event, Paradox, which will be taking place in Riga, Latvia. There will be conferences during the student residency leading up to Bliss's performance, as part of and with fellow members from The Noematic Collective. They plan to take inspiration from the NeoGothic Architecture of the Art Academy of Latvia.

The Noematic Collective, The Old School House, Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK.

As part of Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF), The Noematic Collective organised and led COBRA sound workshops with visitors between 12pm - 4pm, later finished the day with a 20 minute semi-improvised, performance. Bliss works as a member of The Noematic Collective.

Deep Trash: Eco Trash Exhibition (part of The EcoFutures Festival by Cuntemporary), Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, Bethnal Green, London, UK.

"Critical and creative approaches to environmental injustice and climate change from queer-feminist and decolonial perspectives.

An interdisciplinary artistic programme responding to urgent environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, health and sustainability through an intersectional, feminist and queer lens. Taking place in East London (Tower Hamlets), the project consists of an exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion, workshops, a residency, an outreach programme, talks, screenings, a conference and a club night. The contributions to the programme will include over 40 invited artists, speakers and collectives, as well as over 30 works selected from an open call process.

The programme spans across 7 venues and 10 partner organisations, exploring a range of current urgent topics: from ecological disasters to the figure of the ‘climate refugee’; from plastic use to the contamination of aquatic bodies and the human; from raising air toxicity to the increase of human and animal diseases; from neo-colonialist soil exploitations to indigenous land reclamations and green economies; from high-speed neo-capitalist consumption to the rising production of trash and techno-waste; from the rise of temperature and sea levels and their direct effects on the environment, with a focus on the Majority World." - Cuntemporary

Bliss will be exhibiting a video piece, played on loop, from her collaborative group, Intimate Jelly.

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