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14th - 20th March 2019

(IN)Visible Exhibition, BUMF Gallery, AUB Campus, Bournemouth, UK.

(IN)Visible exhibition explores works by artists with hidden disabilities. Anya Bliss exhibited her sculpture, Pin Cushion.

“Pin Cushion is a representation of the neurological pain experienced from living with fibromyalgia. The painful sensations include tingling, numbness, prickling, burning, and stabbing among a variety of other symptoms.

The sculpture is a purposefully Mini piece to leave room for other fibromyalgia-associated ideas to form. For example, the brain-like shape could be a reference to the cognitive problems and migraines experienced by people with fibromyalgia. It could also demonstrate an alternative treatment option, specifically acupuncture, which helps to ease fibromyalgia pain by reducing stress and acting as a coping mechanism.” - Anya Bliss

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