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Vulva Art

‘Queen V’ - 2017


Queen V is a sculptural installation piece of a large abstract vulva, on an armchair, surrounded by pink latex sheets. The vulva is displayed 'sitting' in a chair to produce a sense of personification as though it is a woman sitting in a pink chair that, inferred by the title, is actually a throne. The colours used create a conceptual contrast with one another, as gold is powerful and supreme while pink traditionally displays femininity. The gold could also be seen as representing the fact that half the population of humanity has a vulva, no matter the ethnicity and race of the person. The latex sheets could initially be viewed as symbols for palace tapestries but on closer inspection, since I have used a washing line, they become laundry items. This is to represent how a woman could have a high status in society but still be looked down upon by patriarchal standards. The title is used as a juxtaposition to what this scene is visually compared to what it means conceptually.  

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