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Spheres of Sway, 2022




A dusty dirt path overlooks a bog spanning deep into the overgrowth. If you listen closely you can hear the running water of the stream that cuts right through the bog, just beyond the shadows of the trees. The ground is covered with a bed of peat moss.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 01.48.54.png

Spheres of Sway is an interactive exploration of the ecology of three nearby locations within the surrounding New Forest Park. All walking distance from the spudWORKS gallery, you are invited to wander and appreciate these locations yourselves. Notice the small yet consequential facets of nature. 



Shallow water creates its own passage washing over stones and foliage as it travels. Pony hoof-prints at the edge, creating tracks in the surrounding ground. You can hear the mechanical whirring of the water treatment centre in the distance.



Where the horses roam. Dried out twigs, heather, gorse, and ling scattered in reciprocating clusters breaking up the expansive heathland scape. The sound of trains passing by and the electric buzz of the tracks can be heard periodically.

The three-word names of each jar correspond to a real three-metre squared location, in Sway. There are three jars and therefore three locations. Each of these locations is the source of the contents of the related jar. Using the navigation app What3Words, enter the three words (ex. Croaking.Toads.Collects) to guide you to the location. Similar to a Geocache or Treasure Hunt, this is meant to be a challenge.

Go on the nature hunt

1. Download the app 


2. Type in the three-word locations




3. Find the unique environments 




Sedated.Foggy.Weedy can be accessed by parking on Adlam's Lane and taking a 5-minute stroll, northeast, down a dust path.

15-minute walk from spudWORKS.

Croaking.Toads.Collects can be accessed similarly from Adlam's Lane by alternatively turning southwest down the dirt path crossing. A 10-minute stroll from Adlam's Lane.

20-minute walk from spudWORKS. 

Roaming.Dreamer.Irrigate is located on the opposite side of Sway and can be accessed via parking at the Hare & Hounds pub. The route between the pub and the location is more tricky as you must go along the fast Durnstown road or step over a drainage dip running alongside the road. From the pub, this location can be found after a 15-minute stroll.

25-minute walk from spudWORKS.

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