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Don't Touch Me


Electrical Tape, Mirror, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Curtain, Images, Audio Headset.

300cm x 300cm x100cm

Interactive installation accompanied by one headset playing a spoken text piece as follows:

"Stop. Go. Don’t Touch me.
Please touch me.
I desperately don’t want you to touch me anymore.
But, I want you to touch me.
Help me, please. Or not. I don’t mind. But I do. I need it.
I don’t like the texture of this skin. My skin. Your skin.
Stop. Go. Why are you doing that? Why am I like this? Please help me?
Would you give me a hand? Or not.
Please. Touch me.
No, don’t. I don’t want you to do that anymore. Right now. Before. Talk to me more.
No, you should ignore me.
I just want physical contact, just not with them.
You are okay, I like you.
Please, please, please make this stop.
I do not like any of this right now.
Stop. Go. Don’t leave me though. Just stay here for a while more.
I just love you.
You are kind.
Please touch me?”

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