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Paradox Residency - Riga, Latvia, 2019

Video by The Art Academy of Latvia

Photos by Didzis Grodzs

Untitled (History of Latvia through Sound)


MPC, AMP, Saucepan, Contact Microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Water, Plastic Cups, Soft Drum Mallets, Steel Drum Brushes, Classic Drumsticks, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Snare Drum, Green Symbol Cards, Wooden Speaker Tower, The Voice. 

Approx 15 mins' (Performance)


Video by The Art Academy of Latvia

Sonic Performance Glyphic Script for the sonic piece exploring the history of Latvia through sound, performed at the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga during the Paradox European Fine Art Biennial (Art Future / Future Signs) 2019. 

Sonic Performance Glyphic Script
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